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Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day! Let's Have Some Pun Fun!

Good Monday Morning!!

Angela here, welcoming you to another week of Challenges from Heart 2 Heart!

Actually, we don't have anything prepared for this week.

From Millan.Net

April Fools!  Of course we have something for you!!  We've all put on our jester hats and come up with some clever puns in our creations this week.  Check out the Design Team's artwork:

Are your funny bones all tickled yet?    From Millan.Net

Good! Because it's your turn to show us what pun-erific creations you com up with!

Just remember a few things...

Heart2Heart Challenges Rules:

  1. Use Close To My Heart products.  Your project doesn't have to be 100% CTMH, but you must use some.  After all, this is a challenge blog created and sponsored by CTMH consultants.
  2. Incorporate this week's challenge...Pun Fun!
  3. Link your project back to Heart 2 Heart from your blog or online gallery.  If you are linking from a blog, you must link directly to the actual post, not your entire blog.
  4. You also need to mention Heart 2 Heart (H2H) in your blog post.  
  5. Finally, we ask that you consider turning off word verification, as it makes it easier for the design team (and others) to leave comments.
 Have fun this week!


Karen said...

Great fun! It took me a minute to get the "cookies 'n milk" very cute!

Thanks for the fun challenge!

Pam said...

Wondering where our link is this week? Or are you fooling us with this challenge!:):)

Jolene Bebich said...

Okay! I thought it was just me not seeing the link. I think they are fooling us...Hmmmm ;)

Haley D. said...

Haha! Not intentionally pulling pranks! This was just a little spring break lapse. Happy crafting! We are so thankful for all of our H2H players!

The Closet Crafter said...

Thanks Karen! It's actually a teacher gift that says "thanks for making me such a smart cookie" on the other side. But I like the Cookies 'n Milk you came up with! :D

Sheila Bennett said...

I love puns! Thanks for the fun challenge.

Rule #5 was nice to see because the word verification boxes are getting very difficult to interpret at times. Unfortunately, this blog still has word verification turned ON. :(